Hillcrest Community Spotlight

Read testimonies of how God has transformed lives in people at Hillcrest!

Paul & Kim Plattsmier

“Developing a personal relationship with Jesus has helped me realize there is a deeper more positive meaning in this saying. “LIVED” to me now means “to live a life dedicated to Jesus."

Mckenzie Bennett

“Hillcrest is a family to love people and share life together. Growing together in Jesus, love, kindness, and strength while moving outside of our comfort zones."

Jessica Pelton

"If you had told me two years ago that I’d be at this place today, I wouldn’t have believed it. But nothing is impossible with God. The bitterness and pain I carried for all those years has been replaced with joy and peace."

Ellen Thornton

"This year God has touched me through several of our teaching series. The messages on gratitude and contentment ( or "Contentmas") have helped me to have peace in my life and know that God is in control."

Teresa Moloney

"Hillcrest welcomed us right where we were at, in our walk with God. They allowed us to be who we are and gave us the confidence to ask questions and challenged us to deepen our faith. What a blessing it is that our God never gives up."

Joyce Munson

"It has been an amazing place to obtain a better understanding and knowledge of Gods plan and love of people - to grow closer to the people who make up the Hillcrest church family."

Bri Stack

"It’s a safe community I can come to when I feel like life isn’t easy. It’s where I learn life lessons and it’s where I strengthen my amazing relationship with Jesus. Hillcrest is nothing but love for people, love for Jesus, and love of life!"

Trey & Vanessa Hall

"We were immediately excited that God placed us there and knew he had plans for us in this church. A couple months later we started to volunteer for the mingle prep team and it felt great to be giving back to a church that has been giving us so much."

Anna Wingate

"For the first time, in quite awhile, I felt welcomed. Now, after almost 2 years of attending, I volunteer 3 out of 4 Sundays. It really brings me happiness to be able to help out."

Allen Agor

"By the end of the first song I THOUGHT this was going to be our church, and after I heard Brian’s first sermon I KNEW this WAS our church.  After these two years I feel that I have a built a relationship a better relationship with Jesus and great relationships with the rest of the Hillcrest family."

Kevin & Chelsea Hill

"God had been waiting for us to walk into His house and welcomed us home with open arms. Our boys' lives are much better too. We are learning everyday to be better people and to live with love for others in our hearts in a way we didn't know before."

Megan Smith

"I’m learning to trust God to help me through challenging times and focusing on building a stronger relationship with Him. I realized the importance of making time each day to develop my faith. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the genuinely supportive community at Hillcrest."

Sean & Gina Grey

"The mission of Hillcrest (Love Jesus, Love People, Love Life) is truly prevalent in actions and not just words. We’re very blessed to be apart of a such an amazing group of believers!!!"

Grace Doss

"But most importantly, I found the people to be genuine which allowed me to truly be me. Feeling accepted was liberating and has made it possible for me to love and serve our community to the fullest."

Allison Jones

“God has always used the Navy to lead us where He would want us to go and grow in our faith. When we arrived two years ago, reconnecting with friends who recommended Hillcrest, God showed up as always and set our path ahead."

Jesse Elhke

"I walked into Hillcrest overwhelmed and nervous but I was quickly greeted with smiles and handshakes.  I had never felt so welcomed.  While listening to the message that day, I felt a sense of peace which was a feeling I had not had in years."

Kirstie Owings

"God knew we needed a loving and accepting place to be able to grow. When worship starts here , I find that same beautiful frequency. When the message is given, I feel the same God given radiating love I felt as a child. When we are with our Hillcrest church family, we feel at home."

Cody Smith

"When I was nearing the end of my patience, almost ready to give up on my faith, God placed Pastors Brian and Andrea into my life through my work, where He knew we could connect."