Meet the Community

Check out a few people who have been impacted by Jesus and the Hillcrest community!


Jessica Pelton

"When I first came to Hillcrest a little over two years ago, I hadn’t regularly attended church in almost 10 years. While I never completely lost my faith in God during that time, my relationship with church was complicated and full of hurt, and I was bitter and critical to a fault. God used many people to bring me out of that dark season of my life, not the least of which was my dear friend Dighina who kept inviting my family to her church after we moved to the area. I am so glad we took the leap and gave it a try, because boy, did God have plans for us at Hillcrest! This church has been such a blessing these past two years, from the teaching that inspires and challenges me, to the amazing friendships I’ve developed, to the new sense of purpose I’ve found in serving and BEING the church. If you had told me two years ago that I’d be at this place today, I wouldn’t have believed it. But nothing is impossible with God. The bitterness and pain I carried for all those years has been replaced with joy and peace. I’ve experienced God’s love in a profound and life-changing way through the people in this church, and I am so thankful God brought me to Hillcrest."

Ellen Thornton

"We came to Hillcrest 38 years ago. We have seen a lot of changes - 5 pastors, 2 buildings, years of growth and decline, changes in the age of the church population. Through it all God has been faithful. Hillcrest is our family. They have been supportive and loving through happy times and difficult medical issues. This year God has touched me through several of our teaching series. The messages on gratitude and contentment ( or "contentmas") have helped me to have peace in my life and know that God is in control. Hillcrest is a place where we can grow and feel like we belong. We are never really alone when we have our church family!"

Cody Smith

"I never grew up in the church. It just wasn’t something my family did when I was a kid. However I’ve always felt drawn to the thought of church and what being part of the one brings to your life. My initial runs with trying to find my place in God’s kingdom always seem to not “fit”. Truth be told, when I moved here from Virginia I was completely lost. I had no direction, I had no identity, I felt hopeless, and didn’t know what I was going to bring to the table for my family or my relationship. Naturally, when you have those periods, you go to the one who is always there to listen.... Jesus. During that time, I spoke to him and asked him to show me direction and give me a chance to make something of myself. As always, he provided, and my journey into who I am now began. A few years into my new journey, I continued trying to find my way to a church that worked for my family and had less than stellar results. When I was nearing the end of my patience, almost ready to give up on my faith, God placed Pastors Brian and Andrea into my life through my work, where he knew we could connect. Shortly after, I found out they were pastors at a local church called Hillcrest. I was drawn to them which meant I was drawn also to their church. A few weeks later, my family and I found our way to our first message. From the very first day, we knew it was gonna be our home and the place that would help us to grow our children’s faith. I can’t imagine how I ever survived without church, and Hillcrest will be my home as long as they will have us!"