Meet the Community

Check out people who have been impacted by Jesus and the Hillcrest community!

Bri Stack

I started coming to Hillcrest about 3 years ago. The first time I came I knew there was something different. For the first couple of months, I would cry! There was something so special and powerful about the atmosphere. I didn’t start consistently attending until January of this year. I had finally escaped a really unhealthy, abusive relationship where I had to hide my faith. It was a Saturday night when I left, I came home and I felt like all I needed was to go to church. It became my escape, my safe space. One of my good friends who attends another church told me about a giving challenge they were doing. They challenged them to give a certain percentage and if they didn’t feel they received that back later the church would pay them back. I challenged to do it myself. I started giving. I had a little but I started anyway, even if it was just a dollar. Fast forward to Easter, during worship it hit me, I had so many opportunities to make the money I needed to survive. “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes other will be refreshed” Proverbs 11:25. I wasn’t forgotten. He didn’t hate me because of the decision I had made in the past. He reminded me that I was loved and that He was always going to have my back. He has a plan, and I’m just stressing over something He’s already figured out. I now make it my mission to come to church every week because Hillcrest isn’t just a church, it’s a family. It’s a safe community I can come to when I feel like life isn’t easy. It’s where I learn life lessons and it’s where I strengthen my amazing relationship with Jesus. Hillcrest is nothing but love for people, love for Jesus, and love of life!

Anna Wingate

I moved out here almost 2 years ago, from North Carolina, to help my sister. Before now it had been many years since I had felt comfortable in a church. I went to several different churches with long periods of not attending. I continued my relationship with God, but I felt a wanting to find a church where I could grow spiritually. My sister told me about Hillcrest before I moved out here. I was uncertain at first, because I had never felt welcomed at any previous churches I had attended. However, all of that changed on the first Sunday I attended a service. It did not take long for me to meet new people and make connections. The messages that Pastor Brian gave each Sunday really spoke into my heart. I was beginning to heal from past situations. Spiritually I feel healthier. The worship nights really allowed me to connect with God and open up. There is still healing, but I feel balanced. I am able to handle my depression and mental state better. Having the support of the women in my IF:table group has been beyond a blessing. After a few months of attending I knew I wanted to volunteer. I wanted to really connect and make Hillcrest a church that I'd call home. For the first time, in quite awhile, I felt welcomed. Now, after almost 2 years of attending, I volunteer 3 out of 4 Sundays. It really brings me happiness to be able to help out. To be a part of this church has helped me to draw closer to God. I have gone from feeling like my world was falling away, helpless, and on such a rollercoaster ride to having a huge prayer answered. I feel calm, balanced, and content. I thank God everyday for the support and community Hillcrest has given me!


Trey and Vanessa Hall

"We moved to Washington from Hawaii in October of 2017, and one of our first tasks was to find a church home. We tried a couple different churches and they didn’t feel like “home” to us. When we found Hillcrest it felt right as soon as we walked through the doors. Not only was everyone so friendly and welcoming, the worship team was Amazing! And Brian delivered a great message! We were immediately excited that God placed us there and knew he had plans for us in this church. A couple months later we started to volunteer for the mingle prep team and it felt great to be giving back to a church that has been giving us so much. We’ve seen so many blessings from God in our lives!! We are now expecting our first child, and Trey got a promotion at work, we have a beautiful house and it’s all thanks to the greatness of Jesus! We hope to soon start helping out with the youth group and continue to build relationships with the families of Hillcrest! We love our church!"

Chelsea and Kevin Hill

August of 2014 our family was at a crossroads. We either stayed a family or we become an all too familiar statistic in our culture. Knowing our lives needed to change in a major way, we decided to give church a go. One of my very best friends has been going to Hillcrest for a long time and I called her up to see if she would go with me. Walking in that Sunday morning can be described as nothing less than life changing. I was convinced that Pastor Brian was speaking directly to me. I decided to change my life that day and accepted Jesus in my heart. My husband joined me 2 weeks later and described the exact same feeling I had on my first visit. We knew there was something special here. God had been waiting for us to walk into His house and welcomed us home with open arms. Our boys' lives are much better too. We are learning everyday to be better people and to live with love for others in our hearts in a way we didn't know before. Jesus saved all of us and Hillcrest was the vessel! We couldn't be more appreciative and lucky to belong to this church.

Sean and Gina Gray

2015 was an amazing year which God answered our prayers regarding moving to the Pacific NW from West Point, Utah. The Lord provided from beginning to end in our relocation, and He led us to Hillcrest after seven months of searching for a church that would fulfill our needs individually and as a couple. Not only have we grown spiritually, but we’ve been challenged to serve outside of our comfort zone. For Gina, it’s taking on some leadership roles (always happy to be follower). For Sean, it’s leadership and serving in four areas at the same time. It isn’t always easy, but with the continuous encouragement and support from the Hillcrest staff, team members, and fellow partners, it’s a blessing and a pleasure to serve. The mission of Hillcrest (Love Jesus * Love People * Love Life) is truly prevalent in actions and not just words. We’re very blessed to be apart of a such an amazing group of believers!!!

Megan Smith

My family and I came to Hillcrest about two years ago after being away from a church for a few years. We knew that we needed to make our way back for our family’s sake and we knew we wanted to raise our kids within the church. We instantly felt welcomed and connected at Hillcrest. The last couple of months have been the most life changing for me. Having recently added a new family member, I was struggling with postpartum anxiety/anger and I didn’t like the person or parent I was becoming. It was affecting my relationships with the people I hold closest to my heart- my children and husband. The “War for Peace” series came at the EXACT moment I needed it most, and God was just waiting for me to hear Him. He had a plan, and He was waiting for me to accept Him in my heart. Each part of the series helped me to identify what I was feeling and to seek God in helping to cope with those emotions. It also helped me see that I was not alone! The feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and anxiety are slowly being replaced with positivity, enlightenment, and understanding. After the last Worship Night when I got to LITERALLY watch those fears disappear (thanks for the disappearing paper), I felt empowered and renewed. “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair... He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along” (Psalms 40: 1-2). I’m learning to trust God to help me through challenging times and focusing on building a stronger relationship with Him. I realized the importance of making time each day to develop my faith. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the genuinely supportive community at Hillcrest. Coming to church with my family every Sunday is helping me to be a more patient and understanding mother to my three boys and a more loving and compassionate wife. Thank you Hillcrest for lighting the path back to Jesus!*

Grace Doss

Ward and I first visited Hillcrest in 2016. Shortly thereafter we were hooked. Our prayer was to find a church where we could feel like we truly belonged. Boy, did God deliver! I loved seeing the diversity in the congregation. Brian’s sermons were engaging and spot-on. But most importantly, I found the people to be genuine which allowed me to truly be me. Feeling accepted was liberating and has made it possible for me to love and serve our community to the fullest. I’m reminded of a song called “Come Just As You Are” by Crystal Lewis. Come to Jesus because He loves us even when we wear pink sweatpants and snow boots in the summertime.

Allison Jones

“God has always used the Navy to lead us where He would want us to go and grow in our faith. When we arrived two years ago, reconnecting with friends who recommended Hillcrest, God showed up as always and set our path ahead. After 3 years of spiritual silence and heartache, Hillcrest allowed me to thaw, for my faith to grow out of a season of much pain and challenge, and for my family to find a place where we can truly be our authentic selves. The sermons speak directly to my heart, the worship allows me to serve and connect with God on such a lovely level, and my tribe has been created and established here. When I walk into Hillcrest, there is a smile greeting me immediately, a warm cup of coffee, and an authentic, perfectly imperfect group of people all just doing life together… and my soul is so happy for it! I’m thankful for the Hillcrest community and God’s most perfect plan that has allowed for us to be a part of such a great church!”

Allen Agor

“Being in the military, I have attended many different churches across the country.  Hillcrest is the first one that I feel that I have fully become part of the community and what an awesome community it is.  Soon after moving here in 2016, we told our good friends that we were looking for a church and they told us about Hillcrest. We decided to give it a try.  By the end of the first song I THOUGHT this was going to be our church, and after I heard Brian’s first sermon I KNEW this WAS our church.  After these two years I feel that I have a built a relationship a better relationship with Jesus and great relationships with the rest of the Hillcrest Family.  In the past I have gone to church on Sunday (being little more than a person in the seat), but here I actually look forward to ATTENDING church, the amazing worship and messages.  This is not just my opinion, my sons ask every Sunday if they can stay for both services as opposed to other churches where we have to make them go to even one service.  I have had so many amazing moments at Hillcrest, but my greatest memory so far was when my oldest son decided (entirely on his own) that although he was baptized as a baby that he wanted to be baptized again because now he could make the choice on his own.  This decision was made possible by the amazing teaching that occurs throughout the church including Hillcrest Kids (Thank You Liz and Kyler)!  I cannot wait to see what the future will bring with us here at Hillcrest.“


Jesse Ehlke

I was told about Hillcrest by some friends. I had seen how their lives had changed after deciding to follow God.  My life had reached a very dark point so I reached out to them and made the decision to attend Hillcrest with them.  I thought it would be a one time thing.  I walked into Hillcrest overwhelmed and nervous but I was quickly greeted with smiles and handshakes.  I had never felt so welcomed.  While listening to the message that day, I felt a sense of peace which was a feeling I had not had in years.   I made the decision to follow God and to make Hillcrest my place to worship Him. I feel so blessed to be a part of the this family.  God has given me a great opportunity to grow closer to him with the support of some amazing people. 


Kirstie Owings

Growing up in Rural Southern New Mexico, I spent most of my time with my family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends would pile together most Sunday mornings in my Grandparents tiny living room. Grandaddy would lead Worship & give a heartfelt Sermon. The neighborhood echoed with passionate voices every week, whether it be 2 or 20. It was like everyone was tuned into The same beautiful frequency. God’s love poured out of my grandparents & built a kindling in all our hearts. Although some fires remained dormant like my own, the firestarter was only waiting for a spark.
As I grew older I took the path most traveled further and further from the love I had been shown. I got married young & pregnant, my husband was agnostic, just like the Rock and Roll lifestyle we carelessly held onto. With the hope of a brighter future, the Navy whisked us far from home & my family.
The years passed and our little family grew, but our world became progressively darker. Until all that remained to hold onto was that kindling that had been built so long ago. In 20l6 our little family, broken and tired, walked into a church in southern California. My husband only came to be present for me and our kids, as we both had come from divorced families. He was going to be there whether he believed or not. I had been praying for my man every day since we met that his heart would be touched. That morning not only did a spark ignite my fire, but my families as well 💗 including my husband.
When the Navy gave my husband Robert orders to Washington in 2017, we panicked. We had just been baptized together, we could grow together in Christ there. Uncertain we would find a church that my husband would feel comfortable in, my faith was tested. Would we fall apart again?
Through Gods grapevine , we were led to Hillcrest in December of 2017. God knew we needed a loving and accepting place to be able to grow. When worship starts here , I find that same beautiful frequency. When the message is given, I feel the same God given radiating love I felt as a child. When we are with our Hillcrest church family, we feel at home.