Meet Allison Jones:

“God has always used the Navy to lead us where He would want us to go and grow in our faith. When we arrived two years ago, reconnecting with friends who recommended Hillcrest, God showed up as always and set our path ahead. After 3 years of spiritual silence and heartache, Hillcrest allowed me to thaw, for my faith to grow out of a season of much pain and challenge, and for my family to find a place where we can truly be our authentic selves. The sermons speak directly to my heart, the worship allows me to serve and connect with God on such a lovely level, and my tribe has been created and established here. When I walk into Hillcrest, there is a smile greeting me immediately, a warm cup of coffee, and an authentic, perfectly imperfect group of people all just doing life together… and my soul is so happy for it! I’m thankful for the Hillcrest community and God’s most perfect plan that has allowed for us to be a part of such a great church!”