Meet Amber Miyasato:

““Growing up, I loved to watch my mom worship in church. She always looks like she really means what she’s singing. She would have tears running down her face and looked so peaceful while she worshiped. It’s what drew to me God and being in His church for the rest of my life, all at the age of 7.

My home wasn’t a peaceful place for me growing up. I was the kid who wanted to be anywhere but home. I would go to my friend’s house, the neighborhood basketball court, or climbing trees with friends. Once I entered 8th grade, church became my second home. There was always someone to hang out with or to take me to get Taco Bell to sit and talk. I had incredible leaders in my life through the pivotal years of adolescence… including Brian and Andrea Compton. They were my youth pastors and I also worked for them in young adults ministry after high school.

The pastors of Hillcrest is why I ended up in Washington. Through one of the worst seasons of my life, I called Andrea on the phone. Brian and Andrea walked me through some of the darkest, loneliest, hardest experiences of my life. To this day, I don’t know if I’d be doing ministry or even be a follower of Jesus if it weren’t for their love for me. God used them in miraculous ways to bring healing, growth, and some much needed encouragement. Something only God can do through His people.

It’s an interesting journey I’ve been on. Since beginning ministry at Hillcrest 4 years ago, I think my entire relationship with God has transformed into something real, something that I can be proud of, and speak about with a confidence that I never had before.

Don’t get me wrong, every season matters and played a part of who I am today. This phase of life though is so new to me. The community I have now and the relationship with Jesus that has developed since I’ve been here has got a lot more exciting! It feels like life is just beginning and I am so thankful that I have people to experience this journey with!””