Meet Courtney Lang:

“I grew up in the church. I’ve known Jesus for as long as I can remember—He’s a steadfast constant in my life.  However, as I’ve grown, my relationship with the Lord has undergone drastic changes and maturation—-I had to outgrow and unlearn the legalistic, guilt based religion I had strapped to my chest like armor from my youth and instead embrace a loving Savior who accepted me, forgave me and pursues me, flaws and all.  Since my family and I found Hillcrest shortly after moving to Bremerton 5 years ago, I’ve seen my faith change from something in the background that I had grown comfortable with but was not challenged by to an active, living and growing faith journey in a community full of people who are on similar journeys and with whom I relate deeply.  I genuinely believe that Hillcrest and the wonderful people who call it our church home were brought into my life at just the right moment; they’ve walked through the hardest season of my life right alongside me—honestly at many times holding me up and carrying me through.  Jesus gave me the greatest gift I could ever have besides my salvation and my beautiful family, and that is a church that truly is my heart’s home.  Being a part of this community and getting to work here with such incredible leaders who have become part of my family is one of the greatest joys of my life and I am so, so grateful.”