Meet Jessica Pelton:

"When I first came to Hillcrest a little over two years ago, I hadn’t regularly attended church in almost 10 years. While I never completely lost my faith in God during that time, my relationship with church was complicated and full of hurt, and I was bitter and critical to a fault. God used many people to bring me out of that dark season of my life, not the least of which was my dear friend Dighina who kept inviting my family to her church after we moved to the area. I am so glad we took the leap and gave it a try, because boy, did God have plans for us at Hillcrest! This church has been such a blessing these past two years, from the teaching that inspires and challenges me, to the amazing friendships I’ve developed, to the new sense of purpose I’ve found in serving and BEING the church. If you had told me two years ago that I’d be at this place today, I wouldn’t have believed it. But nothing is impossible with God. The bitterness and pain I carried for all those years has been replaced with joy and peace. I’ve experienced God’s love in a profound and life-changing way through the people in this church, and I am so thankful God brought me to Hillcrest."