Meet Kirstie Owings:

Growing up in Rural Southern New Mexico, I spent most of my time with my family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends would pile together most Sunday mornings in my Grandparents tiny living room. Grandaddy would lead Worship & give a heartfelt Sermon. The neighborhood echoed with passionate voices every week, whether it be 2 or 20. It was like everyone was tuned into The same beautiful frequency. God’s love poured out of my grandparents & built a kindling in all our hearts. Although some fires remained dormant like my own, the firestarter was only waiting for a spark.

As I grew older I took the path most traveled further and further from the love I had been shown. I got married young & pregnant, my husband was agnostic, just like the Rock and Roll lifestyle we carelessly held onto. With the hope of a brighter future, the Navy whisked us far from home & my family.

The years passed and our little family grew, but our world became progressively darker. Until all that remained to hold onto was that kindling that had been built so long ago. In 20l6 our little family, broken and tired, walked into a church in southern California. My husband only came to be present for me and our kids, as we both had come from divorced families. He was going to be there whether he believed or not. I had been praying for my man every day since we met that his heart would be touched. That morning not only did a spark ignite my fire, but my families as well 💗 including my husband.

When the Navy gave my husband Robert orders to Washington in 2017, we panicked. We had just been baptized together, we could grow together in Christ there. Uncertain we would find a church that my husband would feel comfortable in, my faith was tested. Would we fall apart again?

Through Gods grapevine , we were led to Hillcrest in December of 2017. God knew we needed a loving and accepting place to be able to grow. When worship starts here , I find that same beautiful frequency. When the message is given, I feel the same God given radiating love I felt as a child. When we are with our Hillcrest church family, we feel at home.