Meet Liz McClure:

“We moved to Washington three years ago in the midst of my kidneys failing. Soon after we arrived, I started dialysis and the grueling process of finding a donor. My husband was out to sea, my grandmother passed a few short months after that and I had to experience multiple surgeries and hospital visits. We were going to a church that disbanded that summer and I longed for a church family. That’s where Maggie Potts comes in. She told me about her church home and I knew if she felt accepted at a church then I would too.

The first day I stepped into Hillcrest I was met by Tess. Everyone knows Tess because Tess knows everyone. I think she knows people before they walk in the door. Then I met Tammy Bailey. Tammy would quickly became a mentor and friend. I jumped into serving. God surrounded me with a group of people I could depend on. They started as friends and became my family. Once my husband returned from deployment, and he met my incredible new family, we started volunteering with the youth. This has forever changed my life. They challenge me to grow in my relationship with Christ because they soak in every ounce of what they learn about Him.

Hillcrest surrounded us as I walked through dialysis until the day that I learned my dad could donate one of his kidneys. After the transplant, people sent us meal after meal, brought me blankets and kept me company. During my recovery time, God opened up an opportunity for me to join the ministry team as Kid’s Director.  Working with the kids allowed my heart to open up to this generation. God, through my family at Hillcrest, helped me to see my own desire to reach the youth in our community, and my role transitioned into heading up the compassion ministry.   I am so grateful we are able to partner with various community organizations in Kitsap. My heart is so much fuller because of my time at Hillcrest and I am looking forward to witnessing what God does!"