Meet McKenzie Bennett:

"My testimony starts out like so many others, growing up in the church and attending different ones through out the year. I started coming to Hillcrest about five or six years ago.  After coming to church a couple of Sundays I knew that this is where God wanted me. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person today than I was then. During that time I was going through several major life changes, I had: just graduated college, tested and received professional licensing, changed jobs, and moved to Bremerton in the process of a divorce.

When I first came to Hillcrest I was lonely, hurt, overwhelmed and felt lost. I never expected the profound and overwhelming love that I’ve experienced. I didn’t know it would be season of growth, of new beginnings and restoration. God was preparing me to become more loving, more authentic, and more joyful. God began working on me and in me. Through the sermon messages and songs He speaks to me. Sometimes it feels like He’s speaking directly to or at me as the messages hit a little to close for comfort!
God put new people in my life when I started attending Life Groups and I started building new friendships and connections. I knew that being a member of the church meant serving but I didn’t know where.  That’s when Tammy asked me to help with the kids ministry. I remember her saying, “You would be so great with kids!”  And I remember thinking “Man… You don’t know me very well!!!.... I’m so not a kid person.” God was asking me to step out of my comfort zone, He was asking me to serve, to grow, and to stretch. I have the joy of helping check in the “littles” and occasionally helping in the classroom. It’s been fun to see them grow and realize that I’ve grown too!

One the greatest things I’ve learned by going to Hillcrest as I’m never alone in my journey and that God puts the people we need in our lives for every season. I cannot tell you the number of times I prayed for the friends I have at Hillcrest. God sent me friends to sit with me in church and to share life together. When I moved back to Tacoma, my Hillcrest family was there to help me move. And when my sister passed away in January, my Hillcrest family surrounded me and held me when I couldn’t sing during worship because I didn’t have the strength. They came to her funeral just to be there with me offering whatever comfort they could. I know they will be with me to celebrate good things in the future as well. Hillcrest is a family to love people and to share life together.  Growing together in Jesus, love, kindness and strength while moving outside our comfort zones. Jesus Is love, joy & restoration. It is in the songs we sing, the teachings we hear, it’s in the people that truly share life with me. Jesus is the reason I’m at Hillcrest."