Meet Phil Ko:

“My job in the Navy moved me to Bremerton Washington October of 2017. Being new to the area and looking for a church to attend and get plugged into, I found a few churches in the area and started to attend, but I was still looking for a church I could call my home church. While serving at Kitsap Rescue Mission, I met fellow servers by the name of Gina and Tess. They both were very friendly and Gina invited me to her church at Hillcrest. Gina told me that she loved her church and the people there and encouraged me to attend. I had not heard of Hillcrest Church before, so one Sunday I stopped by and attended the service. Everyone at Hillcrest was so very friendly and welcoming to me when I visited and I liked that it was a smaller church compared to the big ones in the area. The very warm atmosphere of the church along with the loving people of Hillcrest was the deciding factor for me that made Hillcrest my home church. Also Pastor Brian’s sermon messages were very life applicable and I could tell that he really loves the Lord and the church, people. For anyone looking for a genuine loving church to get plugged in, to grow in their relation with God, faith and to serve in their community I highly recommend Hillcrest church."