Meet Kevin & Chelsea Hill:

"August of 2014 our family was at a crossroads. We either stayed a family or we become an all too familiar statistic in our culture. Knowing our lives needed to change in a major way, we decided to give church a go. One of my very best friends has been going to Hillcrest for a long time and I called her up to see if she would go with me. Walking in that Sunday morning can be described as nothing less than life changing. I was convinced that Pastor Brian was speaking directly to me. I decided to change my life that day and accepted Jesus in my heart. My husband joined me 2 weeks later and described the exact same feeling I had on my first visit. We knew there was something special here. God had been waiting for us to walk into His house and welcomed us home with open arms. Our boys' lives are much better too. We are learning everyday to be better people and to live with love for others in our hearts in a way we didn't know before. Jesus saved all of us and Hillcrest was the vessel! We couldn't be more appreciative and lucky to belong to this church."